February 12, 2020

Tatum + Emersyn

Babies + Kids

My nieces.

20 years. This year marks 20 years (yikes) that I've known Tatum + Emersyn's mom, Cherise, and of course MY bestie of two decades.

We were quite the wild bunch way back when. Parties, rallying to party again the next night, camping trips, road trips, living together, and even Cherise's eventual move to Texas. Never did I think back then that she would be a mama to TWO baby girls. I mean, doesn't everyone wish their friend would have twins? I immediately started crying when I saw that first ultrasound with those two little sacs. My wish came true, two HEALTHY babies.

When I got to meet them at 3 weeks old, I was absolutely blown away at my girl. Her patience with two newborns, nursing, and her willingness to take on the task of sleep training TWO babies was nothing I'd expected. I knew she would be a great mom someday, but holy smokes, she.blew.me. away. These babies were wanted and prayed for, for so long. But never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how much Cherise was mean't to be "mom" to these girls.

Even though we are 1500 miles away, I so look forward to watching her "mom" to them. To watch them grow. To miss them so much, I leave town abruptly to go love on them for a long weekend. (Hasn't happened yet, but I'd bet on it going down, lol).

These pictures were taken at the end of January, just as they turned 6 months old. They are obviously so much more different than they were at 3 weeks old, but to see real personalities come out of them is seriously the most fun. I'm really digging being an Auntie to these girls, can you tell?