May 3, 2020

Studio vs. At-Home Newborn Session

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A New Life

Moments with a newborn, especially in those first few weeks, move so fast. That's how the world of birth photography (which I also do and LOVE more than anything) has become so big! Parents are so enamored with their new babe, paperwork, text messages, and lack of sleep. This is also why scheduling birth, first 48, and newborn photos during the pregnancy is always advised! One less thing to think about. :)

While most photographers have the same goals and visions for birth + first 48 shots, newborn photos look a lot different for most.

When I first started this gig, I didn't rush into newborns. In fact, in the very beginning, I didn't even want to shoot people! lol. Posing newborns into all those crazy positions was very intimidating. I've "handled" newborns so much, almost my entire life, so I'm very comfortable with them, but the thought of posing them with their parents (strangers) watching, seemed quite daunting. So I threw myself into education. How to safely pose them, keep the room warm, have wipes and antibacterial handy, lol, and so on. Once I was comfortable, I shopped and shopped (way too much) and started scheduling newborn sessions in client's homes. I do not and have not ever had a studio. I'm a natural light photographer! So I did it, posed these babies for hours, because babies call the shots and will need to stop and eat, rocked back to sleep, etc. Physically very demanding, being hunched over for that time as well. So I pulled away. As much as I love snuggling new babes, all that pressure to get those perfect little posed positions, mixed with physical demands and a very warm house (nakie babies need the house to be warm)....I was over it.

Then I saw a webinar offered by a highly respected family photographer I follow, a lifestyle newborn photography course. So I jumped! And it all made perfect sense. It's about changing your approach on newborn photos. New babies belong in the arms of their parents and siblings. Of course I will get shots with just baby and all of their little perfect features, but no more posing, and no more sweating lol. Ever since I changed my approach, not only do I love newborn photography all over again, but I've taken some of the most beautiful pictures ever at these sessions. Shots that are real and natural. And portray this time much more accurately (in my opinion) than a baby in a bucket (which I've shot a handful of times, so no judgement). Below are a few of my favorites, and I wouldn't trade those for the perfect froggy pose (google it, lol) any day!

If you have a new babe headed earth-side, let me know! I love capturing all aspects of a new little life.