Lifestyle Portraits

A guy kissing his wife on the cheek on the beach in Avila Beach, CA
Curly hair boy on his mom's lap, she's wearing a hat, Nipomo, CA
Western dressed baby covered in bbq sauce in Nipomo, CA
Mom making a kissy face at her son, he's looking at her holding her head and smiling, Nipomo, CA
Vineyard engagement couple looking at eachother, San Luis Obispo, CA
Guy holding his fiance in the air on the beach in Avila Beach, CA
A silhouette shot of the whole family on top of a mountain in Pismo Beach, California.
A family of 6 posing in front of trees in Santa Maria, CA
Couple hugging and laughing on the beach at sunset in Avila Beach, CA
Four brothers tickling the baby in Santa Maria, CA
Husband and wife looking at eachother at sunset, Santa Maria, CA
Little girl holding a chicken, Avila Beach, CA
Woman in hat urning back to smile at her husband while sitting on a large tree branch in Pismo Beach, California.
Guy grabbing his girl, her laughing at him and grabbing his arm, Casmalia, CA
Brown eyed girl laying in her mom's arms laying on the ground in Orcutt, California.

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