June 10, 2020

Why Birth Photography is Rad (and I don't mean crotch shots)

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Read that heading again.

Let's get this misconceived notion that birth photography is all about crowning shots. Fun fact: I don't even get a crowning shot unless mom has asked for it! Second Fun Fact: I stand next to mom's side, whether that's behind dad or labor coach, or up by mom's head. So I'm not getting any sensitive angles unless I'm asked to do so!

Now that is out of the way, let's start with how I even got to the point of saying birth is rad.

As a child, my favorite movie was Beaches. Don't ask how that came about, because I don't know. I do love to sing (but cannot) so maybe that's it. Anyway, in the movie there is a labor scene and then a tender, quiet moment after. Something about the sequence of intensity then peace intrigued me. Around the same time, my aunt gave birth to my cousin. I was 5. I remember so vividly the phone call that she was in labor, the hustle of getting to the birthing center (she was born in the same room as me!) and the excitement as we waited. A few years later, she had another baby and this time my mom came to school to get me! What kid didn't love that!?! I truly got a front row seat of newborn life. A few more years later, my aunt was having her last baby, and I asked to be in the room! One of her daughters did too, a untied front for us newbies. Her baby before came super fast, in like an hour, so when we got the call, we booked it and made it on time. So not only did I get a front row seat to an unmedicated delivery, but I got to cut the cord! That did it, I was hooked. So much so, I went to college with the intent on being a Labor & Delivery nurse. Turns out, I hate school. Hahahaha

Since then, obviously photography has been a prominent factor in my life. Merging these two passions of mine has been incredible! I can watch a baby take it's first breath 1000 times over. It really never gets old.

While I think of a baby's first breath, mom doing skin to skin, or a dad cutting the cord and releasing his baby into this world as my vision for birth photography, I know others who haven't experienced it to have a jaded view.

Think about it. You just had a baby, you're crying, you are staring at your new baby, you can't believe you just did this. There's hustle and bustle all around you, not to mention the "finishing touches" on your southern half. These moments move SO fast. They are gone in an instant and there are no redos, unless your have another baby, lol. There is no greater emotion than when you have a child. And while I don't have any kids myself, I've seen it enough times to watch the face of a mom go from complete agony to the purist bliss she will ever encounter. I have seen families introduce their older kids to new siblings, another moment of excitement that is often missed. Grandparents! There is something so special and unique watching the grandparents come in, seeing their child have a child, that is so precious, there really aren't any words to adequately describe it.

There are just so many moments to capture! I can't tell you how many times I've talked to a mom after she's received her pictures, and she doesn't REMEMBER something I captured! Whether she's distracted with labor or dealing with all things that come with a c-section, things happen quick.

So there you have it friends, how I got to my passion. How important I value your journey to a new baby. If you are expecting and are contemplating birth photography, let's chat! I promise it's much easier than you think! Although, I cannot promise that for your birth, haha.