October 3, 2020

Farewell, Old Friend.

Life, Business

Out with the old.

During the early days of quarantine, I was doing "porch sessions". Before I get any flack on that, I was using my zoom lens, often shooting from the street, 20 feet away. So there. Haha. But during these sessions, the focus was weird on my pictures. I assumed it my lens again, so I sent it off to be calibrated. Imagine my surprise when they called me and said my lens was perfect, it had to be the camera! After a lot of research and conversations with people smarter than me, I decided my 7 year old camera wasn't worth the few (at least) hundreds of dollars to even look at it, let alone repair it. So I upgraded and I'm just thrilled with the new one. It's so good!

But I can't help but feel a bit sad and nostalgic about shelfing my old one.

That camera was a turning point for me and my business. It was in my hands as I captured the start of new lives, the end of precious ones, I Do's, seniors, first steps, 50th anniversaries, celebrations of lives that really lived, food that has made my family successful for 68 years, and the most adorable new puppies. It was there as I met my stillborn nephew, a surprise proposal, and one hell of a 70th birthday.

This camera transitioned me from someone who wanted to be a pro, to a true professional. I can only go up from here, and I can only hope this camera rocks my world even more! Enjoy a few from the last 7 years!