December 29, 2020

Welcome, '21

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Here we are!

Well, we made it! How does it feel?

My cherry on top was having Covid from Christmas to New Years, so...hahaha! So 2020, right?

But now that it's a new year, I can't help but yearn for new. New habits, new routines...just something different!

I want to cook more! I love to do it, but I always feel so rushed, that it doesn't seem fun. I want to move my body more, which was a goal last year as well to combat back pain, but it's definitely a big one for me still. I want to expend my energy on worthwhile things, in an effort to curb my frustrations on things I cannot control, i.e. the government shutting our restaurant down, yet again. So much of 2020 was spent being angry over things I couldn't control, my new focus us on things that I can! Hopefully that results in a happier and more productive me. You can only chant "I GET to do (fill in the blank of something you DON'T want to do)" before even that gets old and you lose it.

SO, no heavy resolutions for me. Just take better care of myself, as a whole. A happier more level-headed me only means good things (I hope!), so we'll see how this goes!

My hope for 2021 is for brighter days! That we spend more time being happy and grateful instead of frustrated and hopeless. Cheers!