April 8, 2020

Ali Loves Keith

Engagement + Wedding

This is my STUNNING cousin, Ali, and her fiance Keith. They got engaged on Christmas Day!

Ali grew up here and her family moved to Texas 12 (I think?) years ago. So now I always have a place to visit! But I prefer visits in the fall and winter, humidity is NOT my friend.

Anyway, back to them! Haha. They are getting married on 10/10/20 HERE! How great is that? 25 minute travel to shoot their wedding lol. They are one of the best couples I know. The women in my family are fiery and have big personalities, lol, and Keith matches Ali on that with calmness and reassurance. They are fun, laugh so much together, and have the same dreams for the future. I couldn't ask for a better man for my baby cousin. Plus, they are just gorgeous together and I'm certain I will cry my way through their entire wedding day because I know it will be amazing!

I don't shoot many weddings anymore, they are physically taxing, long-term editing isn't my thing, and quite honestly, I took a lot of weddings in the beginning just to make a buck, and ended up regretting quite a bit of weddings because my heart wasn't in it like it should be. So now I am choosy with weddings I take , I want to have fun with the couples I shoot and I want to share the most important day of their lives together with my whole heart. So yes, I do shoot weddings! lol