May 1, 2020

What to wear?

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"What should we wear?"

I get this question all the time.

My first thought is usually "I don't really care". Which is true. These are your memories, photos for YOU to look back on. But also, if you're asking, I'm gonna give you my opinion. So I thought this would be a great resource for those that want some guidance on clothing choices.

  1. You want to dress cohesively, not matchy-matchy. Everyone in jeans and a white t-shirt is an outdated look that we should leave back in the 90s.
  2. You want to be comfortable. When I say that, I mean picture day isn't the day to try a new pair of 5 inch heals that make your legs look incredible but make your feet bleed and you can't walk. Wear them in first or skip them.
  3. Appropriate fitting clothes are your friend. Baggy clothes may hide your waistline details, but it will also make said waistline bigger. Take it from a big girl, no one needs extra body like that. lol. Same goes for too tight. If your clothes are too tight and you hate how it shows off a little more to your back than you'd like, I cannot always make it disappear in Photoshop. Which leads me to...
  4. Try on your outfit before your session. Especially if they are new clothes. Like I mentioned, I can do quite a bit in Photoshop, but relying on that shouldn't be a goal. And there is nothing worse than a shirt that doesn't sit right and you can't leave it alone. Maximize your experience and just try it on.
  5. Think twice about surprising your kid with a new bow tie or some other accessory they aren't familiar with at your session. Try that on before if possible. Avoiding tears and tantrums is always my motto.
  6. Colors. Neon's are generally rough on the eye. Skip them if possible. If you wear white, an accessory like a necklace or a scarf will give it dimension. Orange often casts onto the skin and it isn't very flattering. However, layering is your friend, and by doing that, you can wear almost any color or print! If you are fashion conscious, you may want to dress according to the season. Yellows, aqua, light green, and white are often spring/summer colors. Brown, orange, and red are often fall colors, and black, grey, red, gold, are often winter colors. Of course you can mix and match these however you'd like, after all, they are YOUR pictures!

I hope this helps guide outfit choices for your next photo session!