May 30, 2020

Seniors (and I don't mean the old folks)

Seniors, Senior Year, Graduation

Senior Portraits.

Year after year, I have email communications with parents who are so frazzled about scheduling their kid's senior portraits. They have a false ideal of what it all entails and just how easy it truly is. So here are a few little tidbits to easy your mind and schedule a session early in summer and get them out of the way...and not wait until the week before they are due to the school! lol

  • My turn around time is usually less than 72 hours
  • I provide you with an online gallery to proof images and order your prints from
  • I take care of the yearbook submission to the high school
  • My senior packages allow for travel anywhere in the 805
  • You use your session time however you want-if that means 4 outfit changes in 30 minutes, go for it!

It's really that simple! Any other questions, just send me an email! These truly are some of the easiest sessions I offer!