May 14, 2020

Location, Location, Location

Guides, Families, Locations

"Where should we shoot?"

This is probably the most common asked question I get. More than "what should we wear?" or my pricing.

I'm the most lax photographer ever. Always have been. I don't limit how many photos you get. I'll shoot almost anywhere. And I don't care what you wear. As our group slogan in Vegas went..."You do YOU.". That's another story for another day.

I care about light. I want to shoot during "golden hour", just before sunset. It's the most flattering AND just looks so. dang. good. Soft and dreamy, just perfect.

I have many suggestions on where to go. Some people want a theme. Some can't make a decision, so I do it. Some people are uber particular and know exactly where they want to go. The only time I've said no to a location was when I'd screwed up my knee and didn't want to walk the beach. And I went back and forth on that! See, I really don't care.

One popular location, like Pioneer Park in Santa Maria, is a client favorite. It's like a 3 in 1 location spot, so lots of people opt for there. Last time I shot there, there were four, yes FOUR other photographers shooting there. The best part is, each person has a different vision, editing style, and client, so these pictures will NOT look alike. I've shot something like 3 families in a row there, and those images all looked different and you couldn't even tell it was the same location. How you ask?

When I take a picture, my focus is on the subject, whether that's you or your cat in a basket, that is my focal point. That means that you will literally be in focus and your background will not be. Bokeh is the technical term for it. In layman's terms, it's means "blurred background" lol. This is why I don't care on a location and can make just about any place work. If I'm somewhere like the beach or in the big Eucalyptus trees of Pioneer Park, I will stand back and go super wide to include the landscape. If the landscape isn't ideal, I won't do this. Another reason any location will work.

So there you have it! Why I don't care where we shoot. Below are two pictures I've taken at Pioneer Park. Can't even tell it's the same place!